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Interactive Talk about
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Entrepreneurship or Stress
by Jan-Paul Kreukniet?

Jan-Paul Kreukniet (24) is a purebred serial entrepreneur living in The Hague. At the age of 10 he started playing DJs at parties. Five years later he had a complete team under his care, a dozen DJs, several own shows, he built his own booking system and the company was expanded to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Seven years later he successfully sold the company.

In addition to the entertainment agency (The DJs Benelux), he already had a festival startup (Collabosation), marketing agency (Congreate) and speaker agency ( and worked for 5 years as interim Innovation Consultant for the National Police. His clients include KPN, Sony, Leiden University, IBM, Hilton Hotels, Mango Fashion, Jules de Strooper, ID&T, RTL Nederland and Nationale Nederlanden.

After successfully selling his customer base, inventory and software, he was employed for a while at Coolblue where he worked on innovating the training process for new customer service personnel and at Remoticom as Marketing Manager where he was responsible for the entire rebranding of the company. Yet he discovered that entrepreneurship suited him more.

Today, he focuses, besides his job as Product Lead at BLACKBEAR® and Honestli, on burnout prevention and stress reduction with Passion never With Passion never, he focuses on regaining passion among entrepreneurs and managers so that they can do what they really like, what energizes them and what they are good at. Jan-Paul and a team of experts, so-called Passionists, take their worries out of your hands, such as marketing, sales, automation, innovation and HR.

Jan-Paul, just like many entrepreneurs and managers, was able to experience for themselves, in the event of (rapid) growth, people are faced with an increasing workload. This higher workload means that entrepreneurs and managers can no longer do what they like. With Jan-Paul this even turned into a burnout. You can read how this felt for him in a blog. He likes to tell an inspiring and interactive story about this with a positive basis to protect others, but especially to inspire them.

Thanks to his extensive entrepreneurial experience, Jan-Paul also likes to talk about creativity, concept development, change processes and commercializing a concept. He has already gained experience in this with his own companies, but has already done so for several large customers. Jan-Paul provides practical tools by means of a creative story and an interactive presentation.


burnout • stress reduction • search for passion • rebranding • concept development • video strategy • customer journey • online presentation • sales • CRM management • process optimization • customer service • training processes • international expansion • innovation • software integrations • agile • lean startup


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